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How I met the Father

When you met your best friend, did you know just how special that relationship was going to become? We all love classic stories of friendship—Buzz and Woody, Andy Griffith and Barney Fife, Mulan and Mushu—and we love these stories because they paint the picture of amity we have known, or deeply desire. The stories inspire us to love stronger, laugh harder, and stay longer because reflection leads us to appreciation. One of the greatest gifts of the church is that we each have a story of how we stepped into friendship with God, and through those stories, we are inspired to love, laugh, and stay in powerful ways. If you feel like the flame of your desire for God has waned, there is almost no better way to wake up your spirit than to hear the story of how a Christian sister or brother first encountered the transforming love of the Father. For the next 6 weeks, come and hear, that you might go and tell.