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Welcome to Phase 3 of our Safe Return Plan. Learn what you can expect

Become a member

I'm ready.

Joining Covenant is as easy as 1... 2... 3!


We would love to talk with you to get to know you better, to discuss what it means to be a member of Covenant, and to answer any questions that you may have about Covenant or the membership process.

Attend a "Next Steps Together" session

We invite you to attend a small get-together called Next Steps Together. Here you will meet with Pastor Jason and other ministry leaders in an informal session where you can ask questions and become familiar with Covenant.

Joining during Phase 3 safe-return

Our process looks a little different during our COVID Safe-Return. If you are interested in becoming a member of Covenant. Please send your information to Pastor Zach using the form below so that he can follow up with you.

Upcoming Next Steps Together sessionS ON HOLD


Sign up for a "Welcome Sunday"

When you've had your questions satisfied and feel ready to become a member of Covenant, the next step is to choose which Sunday you'd like to join.

Most 3rd Sundays of the month are Welcome Sundays, a special time in worship where those wishing to join Covenant will declare their intentions and join in membership. You can choose any Welcome Sunday you'd like. Select the date that works best for you and your family.

On your chosen Welcome Sunday you will make a public profession to join the church. Pastor Jason will ask some questions to which you will respond either "I do" or "I will." (You'll learn all about it during Next Steps Together.)

Those joining will answer the questions together so no need for public speaking anxiety. (It's quick, simple, and painless--we promise.) After worship, we'll take your photo and invite the congregation to say "hello" and welcome you to the Covenant family!

When registering for Welcome Sunday, please enter yourself and all family members joining with you. When prompted indicate that they are members of your household. This will simplify future registrations and sign-ins at Covenant.

Step 3

Make it official: Complete your New Member Forms

As part of joining the Covenant family, we ask that a unique New Member Form be completed for each member of your family. It is helpful for youth (6th-12th grade) and adults to complete their own form so that their answers reflect their own personal choices. An adult will need to complete forms for children 5th grade and younger.

The answers that you provide will help us get to know you better. And knowing you better makes it easier to help you find your niche at Covenant.

Each member of your family will be sent a link to the New Member Form when you register for a Welcome Sunday, or you can access it here.