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Church Directory

Easily connect with Covenant friends

Ever meet someone at church…and then forget their name on the drive to lunch. What about the stress when you promise to invite a couple to a small group and forget to ask for their phone number? No shame. We all do it, but there is a solution.

The Covenant Online Directory

Available on the Church Center App

Using the Church Center App, you can easily search by individual names, by family, or scroll to scan faces if you don’t remember someone's name. When you view a household page, you’ll see the family photo and then each person in the household.

Privacy matters ... By invite only

Your personal information is always private until you choose to share it. In addition, we are very careful about who has access to directory information. Your initial access to the directory can only be done through an email invitation sent from the church office. If you would like to receive access, please click below.

Once, you're set up in Church Center, you can change your privacy choices at any time by clicking on your profile settings, then on Directory Profile.