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Giving 101

What's it all mean?

Offering? PLEDGE? TITHE?What's it all mean?

Offering is another word for a gift to the church. Anyone can make a financial offering of any amount regardless if he or she made an annual pledge (see below) or is a member.

A Pledge is a commitment to the fiscal year. Pledges empower our Finance Team to realistically budget for existing ministries and to resource new ones. They are the foundation on which Covenant builds a responsible budget.

Members at Covenant commit a pledge when joining. (This may or may not represent a tithe.) Pledging provides a spiritual discipline through which we can grow in financial holiness.

We ask members to renew their annual commitment to the mission and ministry on Commitment Sunday in February. (Our fiscal year runs from March-February.)

A tithe is a commitment of 10% of one's income. It is the Biblical standard of giving first introduced by God to Abraham in Genesis 14:20. For most, tithing requires sacrifice. Jesus teaches on the power of sacrificial generosity in Mark 12:41-44 calling us to challenge ourselves. We respond in faith by tithing 10% of our income or by prayerfully and strategically growing toward a tithe.

giving statements

Covenant is a non-profit organization, therefore, there is a tax benefit when giving to the church. We will provide you with giving statements that you can use when filing taxes.