Neighborhood Prayer Networks

Neighbors praying for neighbors, transforming our community

Neighborhood Prayer Networks

Community Connecting in Christ

We at Covenant share a vision—a community connecting in Christ. Simply put, a community connecting in Christ is a place where you love your neighbors and are loved by your neighbors. But building it doesn't start at the community level, it's born through individuals—you and me—living like Jesus matters. A community connecting in Christ comes to fruition through individuals empowered with the Holy Spirit working from within their communities, intentionally loving their neighbors as themselves.

We believe the prayers of the righteous are powerful (James 5:16) and that humbling ourselves and praying together will bring about healing (2 Chronicles 7:14). Putting these ideas together, what could be more powerful in transforming our community than neighbors coming together to pray over their neighborhoods?

Neighbors praying for neighbors, transforming the community

We're excited to launch a new initiative Neighborhood Prayer Networks. Once a month at 4:30p, for 15-20 minutes, network members will gather on ZOOM to pray over their neighbors. That's it. Neighborhood Networks are not based on who you know, your schedule, or what life stage you're in, but solely on geography. It's beautiful in its simplicity...neighbors praying for neighbors.

If you're a Covenant member no need to sign up. You have already been deployed into a Neighborhood Prayer Network based on where you live. You will automatically receive more information in the coming weeks.

Neighborhood Prayer Networks are not just for members! If you're not a member, don't worry, click on the signup below for an easy mechanism to connect with the Prayer Network in your neighborhood.

Invite your neighbors to participate

This isn't a member thing, this isn't a Covenant thing. Anyone can participate.